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Konsise is already making waves in the tax industry in South Africa

Konsise optimises tax workflows by combining the functionality from applications like Excel, SharePoint, Outlook and eFiling into a single platform for finance teams to track, record and have oversight of all tax responsibilities for multiple entities in multiple jurisdictions with a bi-directional SARS integration

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Konsise tax software Balloons Confetti PNG Photo
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SARS integration

Konsise has three main features that rely on the integration into SARS.

  • The ability to submit filings directly from Konsise into eFiling.
  • Retrieving all values for submissions, payments, and any outstanding balances.
  • Pulling additional correspondence issued by SARS in eFiling, including Statement of Accounts, verifications, request for additional information, and any pins issued.

Filing tracker

The filing tracker is where you’ll be able to see all of the tax filings for the group, including the jurisdiction, company, tax filing type, related period and the status of each of these filings. In South Africa this information is automatically updated through our SARS integration functionality.

    Review & sign-off

    The Konsise review function automates the tax workflow process while maintaining internal controls and a full audit trail.

    Konsise can be configured to have,

    • No review process at all
    • An any of review
    • Specific person review

    Loved by many…

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    Jandri Nell

    Jandri Nell

    Chief Financial Officer

    I used to log on to SARS eFiling a number of times a month to do returns and check for correspondence. Now, thanks to Konsise, I hardly log on at all.

    Tired of outdated tax software from the 90’s? Try Konsise today.

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    Paid annually


    Paid annually

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